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Learn how I grew a super engaged Facebook group filled with THOUSANDS of my ideal clients – and how you can too!


Through Jordana, I’ve discovered the power of giving and of being real, and how much fun it is to genuinely help others with your expertise and contribute. There IS a heart in the business of getting Facebook clients, and it lies in Jordana.

Denise Litchfield, Clairvoyant, www.deniselitchfieldclairvoyant.com



Jordana goes above and beyond to ensure that every single participant in her program gets the support they need to be successful. She’s a great role model for both newbie entrepreneurs and those of us who have been around for awhile. She’s a rare gem, a breath of fresh air, and a mystical unicorn in this world of online business making. I feel so lucky to have learned from such a magical trailblazer. Thank you Jordana! 🙂

Lena Anani, Editor-in-Chief, www.noteworthywisdom.com


Jordana creates this magical space to finally see every block you have created for yourself and then POOF! With the gentle whisper of Jordana through Facebook groups…magic happens. With Jordana’s counsel, I felt empowered on an energetic level to be gently guided to my divine confidence that was going to magnetize to me who I wanted to work with and who really deserved to work with me.

I now have incredible clients who love me and support me and lift me up. On the fence about working with Jordana? Contact me…I will personally talk  you through any fears you have and convince you it would change your life by working with this wonderful soul. I mean every word.

She is a gem. I could NOT speak more highly about her.

Molly Sapp, Mindset Coach, www.mollysapp.com


The best thing I learned from Jordana was to create a clear layout of how to spend my social media efforts so that I’m making genuine connections with the people who are looking for what I have to offer. I wanted help finding and connecting with my ideal customers without using Facebook ads. Implementing these strategies was truly enjoyable and never overwhelming or salesy feeling.

Andrea Richie,Transformation Concierge, www.reallifeperfect.com



As an introvert, big networking events and live shows stress me out. Jordana taught me how to still meet people, but in a platform that worked towards my strengths ­- in my pjs curled up on my couch!

Suzanne Paulinski, Chief Executive Advocate, www.therockstaradvocate.com




Jordana is a leading industry expert on how to use Facebook to engage with your audience and attract your ideal clients! Her results­ oriented approach confirmed for me the magic in using Facebook to connect with potential clients. I not only grew my list thanks to her specific advice and teachings in the two short weeks of learning from her, but I also got 2 clients directly as a result of implementing her approach. She’s a magic maker, and she’ll teach you how to be one too!

Dominique Chlup, Creativity & Writing Coach, www.inspiringthecreativewithin.com


I feel more comfortable and excited to engage more often in my top Facebook groups now! It doesn’t feel icky to go into Facebook groups to introduce myself anymore. Not only do I get to talk about my passion of a healthy lifestyle for introverts, but I can also give advice to those that ask for it without feeling slimy or salesy about it. It feels good to actually engage; I don’t have the desire to try to attach a sale and seem desperate, I just genuinely want to help. It’s liberating.

Brenda Canas, Certified Health Coach for Introverts www.SimplySereneWellness.com


I learned how to utilize Facebook in a way I never imagined before. I have been in groups before, but I never gave it my all. I also didn’t know how to get value from the groups I was in.They were just things I was a part of. Now I’ve learned that there are some pretty incredible ways to use Facebook to gain contacts and clients for FREE! Who doesn’t love that?

Angela Zimmerlé, Creator, www.hoohappiness.com


As a new entrepreneur, I felt super scared jumping into groups and interacting. However, the straightforward process made it super easy. And, most importantly, it allowed me to develop new relationships that have truly helped my business move forward.

Nicole Charisse, Self-Love Coach. www.justsimplybeing.com



I felt much more at ease participating in groups (answering questions and posting) as I felt I knew the drill so to speak. I found groups that were specific to my niche and places I wanted to actually spend time.

I know it sounds simple but one of the groups I found by doing that….well magic happened! I am very confident in what I do and have no problem giving info and answering questions, yet I still could not figure out or fit into the FB group milieu – until I learned the ropes from Jordana!

Gina Ryan, Anxiety Coach, www.NourishingByHeart.com


I really feel like my eyes have opened up about the ways that Facebook can help you with your business. Specifically I feel like I’ve learned a ton about Facebook Groups. Just seeing how Jordana runs a thriving, engaged group has been huge, because there are so many of them out there that are NOT thriving or are so over run that you can’t keep up.

Katie Grant, Digital Marketing Coach for Wellness Coaches, www.glamgirlglow.com


I participate more, share more, I get involved in online conversations, I offer advice in areas of my expertise and I am more inclined to be generous with my time, talent and resources. The response has been excellent and encouraging and I know my ideal clients are reading, curious and eager for more. Being a small business owner is a roller coaster ride and it’s nice to know we are not alone in the daily adventures.  Having a sounding board at our fingertips is valuable, comforting and allows us to be courageous and take bigger risks which equates to greater rewards.

Tammy Golson Fallon, Wedding + Destination Event Planner, www.tammygolson.com


One of Jordana’s strategies was to look for specific FB groups to join and gave specific recommendations on how to participate in the group authentically.  I’m part of some groups that are all ads and impersonal posts and I don’t like the feel of that. I didn’t want to “be” that person. So to be able to connect in a very real way, with no salesy edge felt really great. I am now a part of a few more groups that I really get a lot out of in being there AND feel like I provide quality value. I love how Jordana uses Facebook.  She feels authentic, present and real.  All qualities I value and resonate with myself.

Jessie Lucas, Fitness Expert, www.jessielucas.com


Facebook is changing and we need to change too. Before I felt overwhelmed by trying to have a Facebook presence. Before most of my students would come from referrals or Facebook ads, but over the last month I got 11 new students from groups I joined who otherwise would not have heard about my classes! I’ve been in your group and I love the way you show up, and I want to have more of a consistent presence in the groups I love. Thank you Jordana! Your course changed forever how i show up in Facebook.

Patricia Missakian, Founder and Akashic Records Mentor, www.AkashicRecordsInstitute.com


I took Jordana’s point about being as engaged in my group as I would want my members to be to heart. I began creating graphics to add to my daily posts. I have daily threads for people to interact in. I’ve made relationship-building the heart of my online business, and I even wrote a book about social networking: Social Networking Success. But Jordana’s course really brought that networking to life with regard to Facebook groups. I like how specific she was with applying relationship building to groups and how to offer value to people outside of one’s group to increase engagement and gain more clients in the process.

Tara Ross, Owner, Laptop Lifestyle Academy, www.laptoplifestyleacademy.net


I’m ALWAYS on Facebook, so I thought this would be a great occasion to change procrastination for signing clients! I’ve been looking for resources for women entrepreneurs a lot for the past few months, and no course ever helped me that much – even the ones I paid for! Jordana always has something valuable to share and that’s why I’m always looking forward for her newsletters or Facebook post in her magical group.

Cassy Berthiaume, Empowering Vocal Coach, www.cassyberthiaume.com


I wanted to connect with my tribe in a very authentic and organic way. I had invested in paid advertising but didn’t see the results I wanted so I thought I would go back to what really felt right and that was creating connections. What really drew me to this challenge was that I felt like Jordana was talking to me; the introvert that loves working in their pjs and hates networking events. Thanks so much for the challenge Jordana! It’s been amazing and has literally changed my business and my life!

Dana Rivera, Video Vision Mentor + Editor

I am a super duper introvert, always have been so I was quite in hibernation mode on Facebook. Posting in groups and all that jazz was totally not my thing and then I joined your course. Each and every day of that challenge brought something new, something fresh. I followed all the steps and marketing on Facebook started feeling authentic. And the fun part, the course didn’t even end yet and I started getting the traction I needed. More contacts, more friendships, and MORE clients. In a matter of one month, I’ve worked with 4 new clients. The originality of the concepts. Girl you preach. Each and every point totally made sense and it was logically, morally and socially perfect!

I learnt the Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Groups and that’s like the business treasure I couldn’t get anywhere else. Content and Relationship Marketing is the life & soul of any small business today. It’s a magical experience to be in your company, to be a part of your group. You, Jordana, are like a breath of fresh air and people who aren’t yet working with you are missing out a WHOLE chunk of wisdom and stacks of cash.

Maria Rana, Copywriter, www.firecrackingcopy.com