Facebook Groupies

Let me guess –


You’re so tired of trying to figure out the big “how do I grow my group?” secret

You’re so over feeling confused about how to inspire more people to comment and post in your group {ugh, those lurkers!}

You’re so done with not knowing how to stand out as the go-to expert


You’ve had ENOUGH. And I get it.


My guess is that you would like for things to go differently – A LOT differently.

Let me know if this rings true for you —


You’re so ready for your group to be filled with your ideal clients who are ready to pay for your programs

You’re so ready for your group to get bigger – MUCH bigger

You’re so ready for a super engaged community of people who support and love each other up

You’re so ready for people to recognize you as an expert and influencer

You’re so ready for your group to be a deeply connected space and community


Am I close?

If you’re silently nodding your head up and down or jumping up with

excitement saying YES YES YES, then I got your back.

FB Groupies Testimonials 1

I learned how to utilize Facebook in a way I never imagined before. I have been in groups before, but I never gave it my all. I also didn’t know how to get value from the groups I was in.They were just things I was a part of. Now I’ve learned that there are some pretty incredible ways to use Facebook to gain contacts and clients for FREE! Who doesn’t love that?

Angela Zimmerlé, Creator



The best thing I learned from Jordana was to create a clear layout of how to spend my social media efforts so that I’m making genuine connections with the people who are looking for what I have to offer. I wanted help finding and connecting with my ideal customers without using Facebook ads. Implementing these strategies was truly enjoyable and never overwhelming or salesy feeling.

Andrea Richie,Transformation Concierge


Facebook Groupies “What’s Included” Content

My Guide on How You Can Achieve Major Growth in Your Facebook Group

And Guest Expert Bonuses on:

Guest Blogging with Alex Honeysett

FB Ads with Julie Hagan Lowe

Podcasts with Rachel Rofe


My Guide on How to Have Massive Engagement in Your Facebook Group

And Guest Expert Bonuses on:

Organization + Time Hacks with Renee Weatherford

Getting Clients with Cassie Howard


My Guide on How to Achieve Mega Expert Status in Facebook Groups

And Guest Expert Bonuses on:

Instagram with Alex Tooby

Periscope with Ariel Frey

FB Groupies Testimonials 2

Through Jordana, I’ve discovered the power of giving and of being real, and how much fun it is to genuinely help others with your expertise and contribute. There IS a heart in the business of getting Facebook clients, and it lies in Jordana.

Denise Litchfield, Clairvoyant



As an introvert, big networking events and live shows stress me out. Jordana taught me how to still meet people, but in a platform that worked towards my strengths ­- in my pjs curled up on my couch!

Suzanne Paulinski, Chief Executive Advocate


FB Groupies “Who Am I” Area + FAQ + BUY



I’m.Jordana and I help women entrepreneurs who are introverts or homebodies create super engaged Facebook groups and effectively participate in other groups so that they can grow their online community and get clients while staying at home in their cozy pjs.

. .


When can I buy this?

Facebook Groupies DIY is now available for you to purchase and work on at your own pace, whenever the time is right for you!

What’s your refund policy?

There isn’t one, sugar. Let’s be in it to win it, yes?

Does this help with Facebook pages?

No ma’am. GROUPS. Not pages.

Do I have lifetime access to the materials?

Indeed you do! So if you don’t feel like now is the best time for you to go through this material, but you know you definitely want to learn this stuff, grab yours today and go through the materials whenever your heart fancies.

I have a question that isn’t here – what should I do?

Email support@jordanajaffe.com and she’ll get back to you asap.