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Learn how I grew a super engaged Facebook group filled with THOUSANDS of my ideal clients – and how you can too!


Your comfort zone.

Everyone has an opinion about it.

And it’s none of their business!

But it does affect yours.

For years, you’ve been told that “everything” you want is “right outside of it.” Maybe you’ve been listening to “experts,” biting the bullet, and pushing yourself in ways that feel kinda wrong {it feels like the worst, right?}. Maybe it’s even working “on paper,” but you’re just exhausted from it.

Well love, consider this your formal invitation to stop doing that. Yes, I am asking you to STOP doing the “business building” stuff that you haaaate. Nerve-wracking networking events. Insanely structured “sales funnels” that feel gross and uninspired. Cheesy freebies that make your head spin, like you’re not even sure if they’re what your ideal clients want. {Another “detox?” Really? Do they crave that?}

Because the truth is you CAN have a thriving business that’s exciting and challenging, and it doesn’t ever have to feel uncomfortable.

You can leave your “comfort zone” without leaving the comfort of your own home.

You can leave your “comfort zone” without leaving your “zone of genius.”

In other words… You can grow your business without betraying your natural inclination towards hanging out on the couch in your PJs. Yoga pants forever!!!

And just how do I know this?

Well, because I did it myself, and now I’m going to show you how you can too.

Hi, love! I’m Jordana Jaffe,

but you can call me “the introvert’s entrepreneur” or your new biz BFF!

Meet: Bottom

In case this is the first time we’re meeting each other, I’ll share a bit about me and my life. I live in a snuggly two bedroom in Pennsylvania with my gorgeous wife Gena and our cutie patootie dog Ruby.

If you have an extra few, feel free to check out our wedding video or the story of how we met {it’s pretty epic} right here. Personally, I love that we’ve created a home that feels like a true extension of our life together, work included.

Couch office? Bed office? Yoga mat office? The daily choices are rough. *wink*

It’s almost like our businesses are a part of the family now.

Full of love, baby-soft clothing, and puppy cuddles.

But life wasn’t always this easy breezy comfy.

Like all great stories, I discovered “my way” the hard way. After breaking free of a year as an admin assistant and another few months freelancing at magazines (English major over here!), I began my entrepreneurial journey as a professional organizer. Sure, starting my own business in New York City was exciting, but it also took a lot out of me. Building it meant going to tons of networking events. It meant creating loads of powerful relationships with some incredible clients. It meant confidently owning my special area of expertise.

Starting a business also led me to seek out other entrepreneurs to connect with – not just as potential clients (although that was a nice perk) but because running your own business is hard stuff! Doing it all alone… um, I don’t think so. I realized then that we are stronger as a group than we are as individuals. So I embarked on a whole new path that leveraged the power of collaboration and community.

And after 8 years, multiple successful business ventures, 5 figure launches, 6 figure years, scary-new services, and bold switchovers, I finally got quiet with myself and honed in on what really worked – not just for the bottom line – but for ME. What did I want? How did my business make me feel? What parts did I love? What parts did I want to let go?

I discovered that what I most wanted was to create a space to help other business owners grow from the knowledge I had gained.

So I did.

I built a thriving Facebook community of over 1400 women entrepreneurs in under 4 months (true story), which inspired me to write a free guide all about it. And as of February 2017, we have over 12,000 amazing women entrepreneurs in our group. I know, right?! The support they provide to each other every day is SO inspiring, and I’m finally able to help them in the way that feels right for me. And that’s exactly what I want for you.
Most of all…

I want YOU to have a sustainable business that works AND honors your true nature.
I want YOU to make money without ever having to listen to anyone else’s rules.
I want YOU to lead your charge, spread your message, and carry your torch — all from the cozy comfort of your couch.

There is a new way to leverage your talent, lead your charge, and build your community – all from the comfort of your couch, bed, front porch, sundeck, nursery, playroom, or anywhere that has excellent WiFi and feels good…
…and it starts with Facebook groups.

Yes, it takes courage to step outside of what you’re used to doing and start handling things your own way. But NOT taking that step is even worse – it’s like a death sentence for your business {and let’s not forget your soul and sanity too!}. Because at the end of the day, if your methods of growing and managing your business are not sustainable for YOU, they’re not going to last, love.

Are you jumping up and down on your squishy bed in excitement yet? ‘Cause I am!

Lovely, gorgeous, introvert, let’s do things in the way that feels good for you. Finally.

That’s what I’m here for, and that’s what I’m all about.

So go ahead and grab my Free Guide to Facebook Groups, connect with other magic makers in the Magical Business Academy Playground, and drop me a line if you have any questions.

I’m here for you.