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Learn how I grew a super engaged Facebook group filled with THOUSANDS of my ideal clients – and how you can too!

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My Most Engaged FB Post Ever {And Why it Became So Popular}

If I’ve learned one thing about Facebook groups over the past year and a half, it’s this: ENGAGEMENT is essential. Engagement means that people are seeing what you’re writing {visibility? check!}, and liking and commenting on it {credibility and likeability? check! check!}. And when someone knows you, trusts you, and likes you, THAT is when sales are… Continue Reading

You’re Invited! {A New Course About Facebook Groups}

I recently asked my free Facebook group community if they would be interested in a free 5 day course about Facebook groups. The response was a resounding YES! In fact, over 500 people and counting said that they would love something like this. Of course, I wanted to invite you in case you were interested too.… Continue Reading

How to Feel Accomplished, Happy & Fulfilled When It’s Already Mid-Afternoon & You Feel Like Nothing Has Been Done.

1. Stop whatever you’re doing and center yourself.   2. Find a clear space to regroup – quickly organize your desk or go into a different room where it’s just you and your notebook.    3. Write down everything that needs to get done TODAY. Not tomorrow, not next week. TODAY. If you want to… Continue Reading

How to Stop Obsessively Facebook Stalking People You Feel Insanely Jealous of but Don’t Really Know.

Whether you’ve been there or you’re there at this verrrry moment {click out of her profile at long last, love!}, Facebook stalking is a very real thing. We’ve all done it or we’re still doing. And while it’s something that clearly doesn’t make us feel any better {oh my goodness, she got another client?!? her… Continue Reading

Get Your To-Do List Done (Finally!)

Happy weekend vibes!  As I write you, I’m sitting on the front porch, feeling the sunshine and fresh breeze on my happy skin. It’s a beautiful day in Pennsylvania. I wanted to write something quick in case you’ve been struggling to get your to do list done {I know I’ve been there} because I’m teaching a free 5-day… Continue Reading